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Introducing A New Baby To The Family Pet

Animals know when something is changing within the family home, they can sense the anticipation. Even other people’s pets can sense when something is different about you.

Introducing A New Baby To Siblings

Can you remember the excitement of having your firstborn child? That excitement doesn’t go away with the second, third or fourth (or more) children.

Kangaroo Colouring Sheet

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My Doll

I have a little doll,
I take care of her clothes;

The Alphabet

“Come, come, my darling, I must see
How you can say your A, B, C.”

Mary had a little Frog

Mary had a little lamb-O, no, it was a frog,
That in its babyhood had been a little pollywog.

Mary’s Lamb

Did you know that there are over 8 million books in the public domain?


Some children might like to follow a set routine and some will just go with the flow.

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