Mary had a little Frog


MARCH, 2018

Public Domain
Colouring In

Mary and her Frog

Here is another poem about Mary, but this time she had a little frog!

Mary had a little lamb-O, no, it was a frog,
That in its babyhood had been a little pollywog.
When Mary heard its little bleat-I mean she heard its croak,
She said, “I’ll make this little frog a pretty little cloak.”

When in the cloak she saw him frisk – I mean she saw him swim,
Then Mary laughed until with tears her pretty eyes were dim.
So long we’ve sung that the little lamb, with fleece so snowy white,
That when I’d praise a little frog that lamb skips into sight.


  • Jenny Wallis
    Poems for our children
    By Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 1788-1879

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