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I first created the PIES Wellbeing course in 2007 (before I even had the PIES idea). I was working with children who were having difficulties at school, or who were struggling with social and emotional situations with family, friends and in public environments.

I started to look at ways to help children cope with these situations by learning to identify the triggers. I soon realised that most of the children did not know what they were feeling in this situations nor would know how to describe their emotions afterwards.

I had to start with the basics of what emotions were and teach the children how to identify them. I also taught them how to recognise how the emotions were affecting their bodies and their minds. Emotions can either control us or we can control them. We don’t always get it right but it is something that we can learn to handle.

I took my training further and incorporated a holistic view – knowing that the whole child needed support. So, I included exercises, nutrition, art play and right brain training into the mix. For children with special needs I used massage therapy too.

Soon word spread about what I was doing and I was asked to write down some pointers that parents and teachers could refer to at home or school. I decided to write a manual outlining what I did and had various activities that could be completed at home. I named it the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social (PIES) Wellbeing program. And that was when the PIES characters came to life.

The manual was a great success. Parents, teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, play therapists and even doctors purchased it to use with their children or patients. I taught the course privately, at schools, in day care centres, after school clubs and even as a short course at Challenger TAFE for a few years.

Due to personal issues and moving further away from my practice and clients I decided to shut down my business and focus on a new path. Yes, at times I have regretted that decision but at other times I have not as I have learnt so many other things and of course it gave me the opportunity to start writing books (first for others and now for myself too).

Now I am able to share some of my knowledge and help you to support the child/ren in your life as we all embark on this journey called “life”. Please follow me as each month we will explore different topics and strategies from the PIES.


Copyright Natalie McNee 2018

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